Functional Medicine

Dr. Boynton is an expert at treating all autoimmune conditions
Treat the cause, not the symptom

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is patient-centered laboratory testing to determine the underlying root cause of the patient’s symptoms. Dr. Boynton looks at how your body works as a whole. One symptom might have several root causes; and once the results are analyzed, he creates an personalized plan designed to restore the patient to optimal health.

The protocols will consist of chiropractic adjustments, nutraceuticals, lifestyle modification, dietary changes, exercise and sleep recommendations. Periodic follow-up testing will be done to determine the success of the program and help him to monitor the patient’s progress.

Everything in the body works together, so why treat each symptom individually? If you return the body to optimal physiology, your symptoms will be resolved.

The conventional medicinal model has a specialist for each part of your body which is symptom based care. Dr. Boynton brings all of these specialties together at one office to treat your whole body, not your symptom.

Functional medicine Chart
Functional medicine Chart

Functional Lab Values

Traditional lab values are based on population norms in certain demographic regions of the country. The problem with this is that most normal are sick or unhealthy. So normal is sick. Over the years lab values have changed to stay "normal" with an ever growing sick population.

Functional lab values are based on physiological norms. What that means is the top and bottom 25% of each range is taken off. By limiting the upper and lower levels you are left with optimal health ranges. If your result is in the lower 25% of the range your result will most likely fall below "normal" and your doctor could recommend medication.

The goal it so keep you at the the middle of the range with is optimal health.