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Audrey from Mason

"I came into see Dr. Boynton for my neck and low back pain that I sustained in a MVA (motor vehicle accident) years ago. I am a nurse and am on my feet at least 10 hours a day. I have gotten injections, gone through physical therapy and all of the doctors who I saw said this is the best you are going to get without surgery. I didn't want surgery, so I lived in pain killers and muscle relaxers. After a few weeks of treatment, I could work a 10 hour shift almost pain free. Dr. Boynton also make me some custom orthotics for my shoes which made a big difference. I can now work all day long with no pain and he also gave me some supplements which made a big difference in my life. I now have more respect for the alternative medicine community. I completely trust Dr. Boynton and even tell patients at the hospital to go see him when there prognosis is bad from their treating physician."

- Audrey from Mason

Mindy, Chronic Migraine Headaches

Mindy suffered with migraine headaches for over 15 years, and took 4 prescriptions daily - which only helped a little. After a series of adjustments, Mindy was about 50% better, but still suffered from Migraines a few times a month. Dr. Boynton ordered some Functional Medicine testing and determined Mindy was sensitive to Gluten and Dairy. Once she stopped eating those foods, she has not had a migraine headache since, lost 40 lbs and feels great.

- Mindy, Chronic Migraine Headaches