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Melissa, Lupus

Melissa from Fairfield came to see Dr. Boynton after a diagnosis of Lupus. Dr. Boynton was able to order the appropriate Functional Medicine test to determine the underlying cause of Melissa's lupus, which will stay in remission as long as she follows a few simple lifestyle modification.

"Dr. Boynton gave me my life back. He is the best doctor I have ever been to who really listened to my story and was able to help my body heal. I highly recommend Dr. Boynton for any problem you or your family might have."

- Melissa, Lupus

Mindy, Chronic Migraine Headaches

Mindy suffered with migraine headaches for over 15 years, and took 4 prescriptions daily - which only helped a little. After a series of adjustments, Mindy was about 50% better, but still suffered from Migraines a few times a month. Dr. Boynton ordered some Functional Medicine testing and determined Mindy was sensitive to Gluten and Dairy. Once she stopped eating those foods, she has not had a migraine headache since, lost 40 lbs and feels great.

- Mindy, Chronic Migraine Headaches