Paula, Autoimmune

Paula from Mason came to see Dr. Boynton with significant systemic inflammation. Through Functional Medicine testing, Dr. Boynton was able to determine the source of the inflammation and now Paula is living the dream.

"Thanks Dr. B!"

- Paula, Autoimmune

Melissa, Lupus

Melissa from Fairfield came to see Dr. Boynton after a diagnosis of Lupus. Dr. Boynton was able to order the appropriate Functional Medicine test to determine the underlying cause of Melissa's lupus, which will stay in remission as long as she follows a few simple lifestyle modification.

"Dr. Boynton gave me my life back. He is the best doctor I have ever been to who really listened to my story and was able to help my body heal. I highly recommend Dr. Boynton for any problem you or your family might have."

- Melissa, Lupus

Mindy, Chronic Migraine Headaches

Mindy suffered with migraine headaches for over 15 years, and took 4 prescriptions daily - which only helped a little. After a series of adjustments, Mindy was about 50% better, but still suffered from Migraines a few times a month. Dr. Boynton ordered some Functional Medicine testing and determined Mindy was sensitive to Gluten and Dairy. Once she stopped eating those foods, she has not had a migraine headache since, lost 40 lbs and feels great.

- Mindy, Chronic Migraine Headaches

Audrey from Mason

"I came into see Dr. Boynton for my neck and low back pain that I sustained in a MVA (motor vehicle accident) years ago. I am a nurse and am on my feet at least 10 hours a day. I have gotten injections, gone through physical therapy and all of the doctors who I saw said this is the best you are going to get without surgery. I didn't want surgery, so I lived in pain killers and muscle relaxers. After a few weeks of treatment, I could work a 10 hour shift almost pain free. Dr. Boynton also make me some custom orthotics for my shoes which made a big difference. I can now work all day long with no pain and he also gave me some supplements which made a big difference in my life. I now have more respect for the alternative medicine community. I completely trust Dr. Boynton and even tell patients at the hospital to go see him when there prognosis is bad from their treating physician."

- Audrey from Mason

John from Mason

"I hurt my knee playing soccer and the doctor told me I needed surgery which I didn't want. I was treated by Dr. Boynton for 2 months. After that, no surgery and I feel great all over. I have more energy, can sleep better at night. He treated my whole body, not just my injured knee. I wish more doctors would look at the big picture instead of just the symptoms."

- John from Mason

Judy from Blue Ash

"My upper back and shoulders hurt so badly that it was difficult to breath, sleep or even move. Today, 1 week later, my back is no longer in pain. I also mentioned ongoing ear issues on my last visit, and he adjusted my ears and I can't believe the immediate difference in the pressure in my ears and sinuses. Now I mention all of my little aches and ailments in each visit and I know he can fix them and that is why I refer everyone I know to Dr. Boynton. Thanks Dr. B! "

- Judy from Blue Ash

Marketa from Montgomery

"I came into see Dr. Boynton with simple shoulder pain from chronic overuse. He treated my shoulder and fixed it. He mentioned that he could help me with my nutrition. I was amazed on how much the supplements helped me. He fixed my thyroid and now I have a lot of energy and I participated in the Detox Program and lost 24lbs in 3 weeks !I was shocked when I got back on the scale. You need to come and see him - there is not much he can't fix."

- Marketa from Montgomery

Roger from Indian Hill

"I had heard from my daughter how good Dr. Boynton was but I didn't really believe. But I went to see him anyways to humor my daughter. I limped into his office, and he told me that he could help when no other doctor could help over the past 15 years of treatment. I have been seeing Dr. Boynton for about a month now, and I have zero leg pain and very minimal pain in my lower back. I was taking about 6 pain pills a day for years, but for the past 2 weeks I have taken none because I have not been in any pain. Dr. Boynton - you are the best."

- Roger from Indian Hill