If you want a real body, you need to eat real food.

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1. If you are in constant pain, you have chronic inflammation. Read Anti Inflammatory Guidelines to see which foods you can eat to decrease your inflammation and what foods you eat that are increasing the inflammation in your body which causes you to have pain all over. In the next few sections you will be reading about what types of foods and supplements you need to be taking to reduce cellular inflammation and keep your body healthy.

2. Take this free Nutrition System Survey to determine your nutritional deficiencies and what systems need to be supported. Your body works as a whole and most of your symptoms are problems with certain systems in your body. For example, high blood pressure is a symptom of a problem with your heart, liver, kidneys or lungs. My job as a doctor is to figure out which system is not working properly and support that system with a chiropractic adjustment, nutritional support, energy support or whatever that system needs to repair itself.

3. Read Fruit and Vegetable Pesticide Chart to find out what level of chemicals are in the food that you are eating. Organic fruit, vegetables and meats are the preferred choice if you can afford them. If your budget will not allow you to purchase organic fruits, vegetables and meats, then you have a decision to make. For example, you can either put back the soda and chips and buy some fruits and vegetables. Or, if you are buying non-organic foods, make sure you use a vegetable and fruit wash before you consume anything. If you look at an organic apple or an apple on a tree, it is not shiny. Processors put a coating of wax on the apples so they have a longer shelf life before they go bad and to make them more appealing to the eye. If you have never tried organic meats, you should. They taste much better than commercially raised meats and are a lot healthier for you than non-organic meats. In some stores, organic meats can be labeled as grass fed meat.

4. In the paragraph above, I briefly mentioned that you want to eat organic meat. Now I will explain why it is so important.

First of all, you need to realize how conventional ranchers raise the meat that you buy in the grocery stores. Cows that are non-organically raised are fed GMO corn and soy, high levels of antibiotics and growth hormones and kept in packed pens until they are taken to be processed for their meet.

The growth hormones to cause them to gain weight. The feeds that are used are made with GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) soy and corn. Our bodies can't recognize GMOs as food, so we store them as fat. The ranchers inject the cows full of antibiotics because there are so many cows packed together in the pens. There is a risk of the cows getting sick because of their close proximity. The close proximity also means they are standing in their own cow manure all day long everyday until they go to the slaughter house. And since they aren't able to move their bodies much, they gain more fat than muscle, which means the meat has more fat on it when we buy it from the store. Plus, the meat doesn't taste nearly as good because it has more cholesterol, less vitamins and minerals and is out of balance omega 6-to-omega 3 ratio.

Now the United States has a "wonderful" organization called the FDA, who is supposed to look out for the American public. The FDA keep the guidelines loose to keep the cows alive. They are only recommending enough vitamins and minerals to keep them alive. Not healthy, just alive. Since the ranchers know that the FDA spot-checks the slaughtered cows for growth hormones and antibiotics, they stop giving the cows these injections before they go to the slaughter house so that all the growth hormones and other things are out of their system. They stop injecting the cows in enough time so they won't be detected by the drug test. Tricky, Tricky.

On the other hand, grass-fed animals are raised completely different than animals in feed lots they live in the pasture, they eat grass and other things in the pasture the way God intended. This means no injections, plenty of room for them to move and make more muscle. This means that grass fed animals have less fat in the meat, less cholesterol, high vitamins and minerals and have the proper balance of omega 3's to omega 6's, all of which are important.

Grass fed meat tastes a lot better than store bought meat - it is unbelievable! Sometimes it is hard to find grass fed meat, so you can go to: This is a website that has more information on benefits of eating grass-fed animals, plus a list of local farmers in your area that raise grass-fed meat. You might think that you can't afford to buy organic meat, but I ask you how can you afford not to. Something my family does to reduce the per pound cost of the meat is we purchase half of a cow a year and put it in the freezer. Our price per pound is considerably less and we usually have meat for about 15 months. Last year, our price was $3.18 per pound.

4. Read these articles to learn how to lower your cholesterol without drugs: How to lower Cholesterol without medication, How foods beat statin drugs in lowering your cholesterolHere's how cholesterol damages your heartHigh cholesterol not the real reason for heart disease.

There are many ways to lower your cholesterol naturally without drugs. All you have to do is figure out what is causing the high cholesterol ,and either modify your diet or take supplements to support the organ system that needs support. Patients with high cholesterol usually schedule a nutritional evaluation with me to determine the problem, then I recommend the proper supplements to reduce or remove the symptoms because high cholesterol is a symptom of a body system being over worked.

5. Why are Omega 3s so important? Omega 3 fatty acids are an essential fat (which means your body can't produce it, you have to eat it to have it in your system). Omega 3s are good for a wide variety of health problems like: pain, inflammation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, dementia, Alzheimer, dry skin and much more.

7. Sugar is one of the worse things you can put into your body, and sugar is in almost everything most Americans eat. Almost all processed foods have sugar as an ingredient. The problem with sugar is your body doesn't need any to function. Your body can metabolize sugar but after years of abuse, your pancreas can't keep up with the amount of sugar you consume. Your liver converts all of the excess sugar your body doesn't use into fat cells. This is why many Americans are fat and have Type II Diabetes. Diabetes usually is directly caused by a diet that includes sugar.

8. HCG Diet can be very successful for weight loss if followed exactly. In my office, we sell a HCG diet for a reasonable price. I have had patients lose over 100 lbs in just 6 months using this type of diet.

9. Vitamin D deficiency is a huge problem in today's society. Most people who live in the US are lacking vitamin D, especially those people who live north of Atlanta, Georgia. This is because typically in the North, it is cold, less sunlight and the cooler weather requires that more clothes are worn. The clothes block the absorption of Vitamin D that naturally occurs in the rays of the sun. I recommend everyone north of Atlanta to take supplemental Vitamin D. My minimum recommendation is 1000 iu daily. I recommend 5000 iu daily during the winter months, and in the summer take that same 5000 iu only 2-3 days per week.