What are your medications doing to you?

The big difference you need understand is the medications only treat symptoms, while supplements are designed help and build up the body. 

Yaz and Yasmin: Soon after Bayer launched the pill Yaz, 18 -year-olds started coming down with blood clots, gall bladder disease, heart attacks and even strokes.

Chantix: After cases of possible psychosis, reports of suicidal behaviors and actual suicides, the government banned pilots, air-traffic controllers and interstate truck and bus drivers from taking this antismoking drug.

Ambien: Law enforcement officials say this sleep drug has increased traffic accidents from people who drive in a black-out.

Tamoxifen: For every case of breast cancer prevented by Tamoxifen, there is a life-threatening case of blood clots, stroke or endometrial cancer caused by it.

Lipitor and Crestor: All statins can cause muscle breakdown. Crestor is so closely linked to the side effect, the FDA's David Graham named it one of the five most dangerous drugs at a Congressional hearing.

Gardasil and Cervarix Vaccines: The Gardasil HPV vaccine doesn't work for all viral strains, requires a booster and is linked to 56 girls' deaths in the U.S. alone, as of September .

Singulair and Accolate, leukotriene receptor antagonists: These leukotriene receptor antagonists never looked safe. And Singulair, Merck's top selling drug, is now suspected of producing aggression, hostility, irritability, anxiety, hallucinations and night-terrors in kids.