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Paula, Autoimmune

Paula from Mason came to see Dr. Boynton with significant systemic inflammation. Through Functional Medicine testing, Dr. Boynton was able to determine the source of the inflammation and now Paula is living the dream.

"Thanks Dr. B!"

- Paula, Autoimmune

Roger from Indian Hill

"I had heard from my daughter how good Dr. Boynton was but I didn't really believe. But I went to see him anyways to humor my daughter. I limped into his office, and he told me that he could help when no other doctor could help over the past 15 years of treatment. I have been seeing Dr. Boynton for about a month now, and I have zero leg pain and very minimal pain in my lower back. I was taking about 6 pain pills a day for years, but for the past 2 weeks I have taken none because I have not been in any pain. Dr. Boynton - you are the best."

- Roger from Indian Hill