Health Coach

What wellness coaching is

Wellness coaching is a collaborative, growth-fostering relationship that enables clients to reach goals and fulfill their visions. The goal of coaching is to encourage personal responsibility, deep thinking, self-discovery, and self-efficacy (self-confidence). 

Wellness coaches help clients connect the dots between who they are and who they want to be and encourage incremental behavioral steps that will enable them to succeed in their desired changes.

Coaches do this by assisting clients in …..

  • discovering their strengths
  • clarifying their values
  • increasing their awareness
  • setting priorities
  • brainstorming possibilities and positive actions

What wellness coaching isn’t

Coaches do not show up as experts who primarily give advice and prescribe solutions. These approaches can be part of the coaching relationship, but the goal is to assist the client in becoming the decision maker and the expert in moving forward. We want the client to believe that he/she has the capability of initiating and sustaining positive health behaviors.

Coaching behavior change

Extensive research has been conducted on the process of behavior change. One of the most important is the Transtheoretical Model, which is based on 25 years of research. You’ve probably heard it referred to as the Five Stages of Change. This model is helpful in identifying the client’s frame of mind and where to begin in moving them forward.

The 5 Stages are ….

  1. Precontemplation (“I won’t” or “I can’t”)
  2. Contemplation (“I may”)
  3. Preparation (“I will”)
  4. Action (“I am”)
  5. Maintenance (“I still am”)

Different skills are used to move clients through the stages of change: listening, empathy, reflection, affirmation, reframing, appreciative inquiry, motivational interviewing.

A 3- to 6-month coaching program that occurs weekly, biweekly, or monthly is usually best for most clients to establish new behaviors

One of the most important outcomes of coaching is self-efficacy—the belief that one is capable of initiating and sustaining a desired behavior change. We want clients to achieve the outcomes that brought them to Sycamore Chiropractic in the first place and become confident in their ability to set new goals and handle the challenges that may arise.