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Helping the whole family

Most people are unaware of how important chiropractic care is for children.  Children live their lives through their nervous systems just like adults.  Even minor spinal dysfunction in a child can affect your child's ability to grow and develop to their optimal God-given potential. 

Don't forget about the parents. Dr. Boynton takes care of adults, too, and their many health issues. He and his team utilize several modalities including specific chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, muscle testing, cranial sacral work, reflexology, nutritional support, stretching and strengthening exercises, allergy elimination and homeopathic remedies.

Dr. Boynton and his staff can take care of all your family's healthcare needs. Call today to schedule an initial exam or an appointment.  We want to help you and your family reach all of your healthcare goals.

See you soon,

David M. Boynton, DC, CCEP, BA