There is no one cause of autism which is why treating children on the spectrum complicated for most doctors. Dr. Boynton utilizes bio medical testing to try to determine the underlying cause of your child's autistic symptoms. Dr. Boynton believes that autism is an autoimmune condition affecting the brain and neuro development which is backed up with this recent study. The Neurobiology of Autism.

Bio Medical testing supports the following can be the causes of autism.

  • Leaky Gut/IBS-  The lining of the gut is only one cell layer thick. Since this is not thick, many things can perforate the gut causing many problems. When there is damage to lining of the gut, inflammation will occur, causing problems such as constipation and/or diarrhea.  Yeast overgrowth in the GI tract can also perforate the lining of the gut.  Other factors that can related to leaky gut syndrome:
    • Auto Immune Diseases
    • Chronic constipation of diarrhea
    • Poor vitamin and mineral absorption
    • Food Allergies
    • Behavioral Problems
    • Body Pain
    • Anxiety, Depression, and Hallucinations
    • Many, many more
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity- Often times when testing is performed on children with ASD high amounts of heavy metals are found.  There are a few reasons why these heavy metal are in children’s bodies.
  • Micro Nutrient and Macro Nutrient Deficiencies- Nutrition plays a large role in the health of everyone, especially children on the spectrum, and testing is important to know how to properly support
  • Childhood vaccines-  Straight mercury was taken out of vaccines in the late 1990’s and was replaced with Thimersol, which is a derivative of mercury but similar in many ways. Mercury is one of the heavy metals which crosses the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) where mercury is stored.
  • Parents- Mothers who have elevated levels of heavy metals in their body can pass these metals to their unborn fetus though the placenta.  Also mothers that decide to breast feed can pass there heavy metals contamination to their children through the breast milk.
  • Environmental Toxins- Environmental toxins can enter children’s bodies in many different ways. These toxins can come from lead pipes and paint in the walls, heating food and drinks in plastic containers, living in a moldy environment and in some new homes because of the out gassing of plastic products in the paint, carpet ect. 
    • Inhaled in through the nose or mouth
    • Drinking fluid
    • Absorbed through the skin (trans dermal)
    • Consumed in food
  • Over Use of Antibiotics- Childhood sickness sometimes need medical intervention but not always. Most doctors over medicate their patients for every little fever, ear infection or sore throat.
    • Bacteria can become immune to antibiotics and can become more difficult for the bodies natural immune system to treat.
    • Medication kill all bacteria not only the bad but the good. There are more bacteria in the human body than cells.   Antibiotics disrupt the proper balance of the good vs. the bad bacteria. When this balance is disturbed the immune system can become weaker and become more susceptible to germs and other bacteria.
  • Yeast Overgrowth- Your gastro intestinal tract contains good and bad bacteria.  Healthy people have a balance of these good and bad bacteria about 85% good and 15% bad.  Autistic individuals they can have an imbalance in these flora.  When there is an imbalance yeast can grow uncontrollably.  Your body should have no yeast at all so your body attempt to kill this yeast and by doing so the yeast release a neruo toxin which affects the brain.  Interestingly yeast grows in the GI tract when mercury is present in the body. Yeast can consume as much mercury as it ways.  So a high mercury level in the body can cause yeast to grow and die and grow and die.  As you can see this is a repeating loop that greatly affect the central nervous system.
  • Genetic Mutation- Autism seems to occur more frequently with individuals with medical conditions such as Fragile X syndrome, congenital rubella syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, viral infections of the mother while pregnant, and phenylketonuria. 


There are many Bio-Medical Testing and Functional Medicine Testing labs. I utilize the following: 

  • Genova Labs
  • Great Plains Labs
  • Doctor’s Data
  • Analytical Research Labs
  • Elisa/ACT Biotechnologies
  • Spectra Cell Micronutrient
  • MTHFR Testing