Dr. Boynton is an expert at treating Pregnanct women and theier children at Sycamore Chiropractic and Nutrition in Blue Ash Ohio
Pregnant Mother


Dr. Boynton treats many pregnant mothers at Sycamore Chiropractic and Nutrition. Pregnant women can have a number conditions related to nerve related problems, and commonly experience sciatic pain down the legs, pelvic pain in the front or back, hip pain, headaches, nausea, breached baby and more.

Dr. Boynton is an expert at treating pregnant mothers who are experiencing symptoms and those who have not experienced them yet. He understands the maintaining proper spinal function is important for both the mother and the baby, and nothing is more important to him than the health of  mother and her baby.

It is important that expectant mothers understand when they are stressed out, in pain or are unhealthy, those same emotions, and symptoms are conveyed to their unborn baby. The opposite is also true. When a pregnant mother is not in pain, not stressed out and living the dream, her baby can be healthier.

Women's bodies are perfectly designed by God to be able to carry a baby and have an easy birthing process. When a mother's nervous system is not functioning at 100% problems, can occur. Dr. Boynton is an expert at helping pregnant mothers optimize their nervous system so that the mother and baby will be healthier and the delivery process will be easier. When the spine and pelvis are in proper alignment, the delivery process can be easier on the mother and the baby. When subluxations and misalignments occur in the spine or pelvis, they can cause complications.

Once the baby is delivered, Dr. Boynton recommends the mother bring her new baby in for a check of the infant's nervous system to make sure there are no spinal subluxations that could interfere with the optimal growth of the baby.

Dr. Boynton's Delivery Story:

Dr. Boynton's son Elijah was born in a traditional hospital setting. Dr. Boynton was able to be in the room with his wife during delivery and take part in the actual delivery.  As Elijah was being delivered, the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck several times, which is very normal.  After cutting the umbilical cord, the nurses took Elijah to start the normal newborn cleanup and screening process.  At this point, Elijah was unresponsive and started to turn blue.  Dave immediately switched from a loving husband/father to David Boynton, Doctor of Chiropractic.  Dr. Boynton pushed through the nurses and explained that Elijah needed to be adjusted. Before the nurses could respond, Dr. Boynton picked up Elijah, examined his neck and detected a spinal subluxation in his upper cervical spine. He immediately adjusted his neck with his pinky and Elijah "woke up", coughed up all of the fluid out of his lungs and was breathing on his own.  Crisis averted! Thanks to the quick thinking and response of Dr. Boynton, Elijah is now a healthy boy with a great brithing story to tell his own children one day.

That is the power of chiropractic care and one of the proudest days in Dr. Boynton's life!